Lock-up Rewards Release Rules

Total Reward Pool: 50% of the total tokens

Release Rules: Every 2 years, release 50% of the remaining total amount (e.g., release 25% in years 1-2, 12.5% in years 3-4, ...)

Each Pool's Ratio: To be determined by the operation team in the future.

Lock-up Rewards Distribution Rules

The minimum lockup period for SEX and SLP lockup staking is 30 days, and the maximum lockup period is 720 days.

Lockup staking rewards begin to be distributed after the lockup period ends. Users need to manually click "unlock" to initiate the reward distribution. The reward distribution period for lockup staking is 365 days.

After clicking "unlock," the staking amount will no longer continue to earn SEX staking rewards.

Depending on the duration of the lockup period, the staking amount will receive different reward multipliers.

Lock Period (DοΌ‰






Reward Multiplier

1.00 X

6.00 X

12.00 X

24.00 X

N / 30 * 1.00 X

Before each distribution day, the system will allocate SEX token rewards proportionally to all stakers based on the current reward coefficients of all stakers on the exchange.

Case Study:

In the first year, a total of 36,500 SEX tokens were injected into the reward pool. Only three users, A, B, and C, have staked. All three users have staked 100 SLP tokens.

User A staked from the first day and chose a 30-day lock-up.

User B staked from the second day and chose a 180-day lock-up.

User C staked from the third day and chose a 720-day lock-up.

According to the distribution rules, the SEX token rewards that the three users will receive in the first three days are as follows:





User A


User B



User C




οΉ‘The data in the case is for reference only.