Leading the Shift Towards Decentralized Trading.


Substance Exchange (SubstanceX) is a decentralized derivatives exchange committed to providing users with a centralized exchange-like user experience.

SubstanceX features include providing more trading pairs and a more diverse derivatives section, implementing a unified margin pool design, and providing the industry's best customer service to VIP clients through a mature CRM system. It allows for referral rewards and multi-level trading fee tiers.

Additionally, through an efficient token economic system, Substance Exchange solves the production relationship problems that competing products have not fully addressed, stimulates user trading demand, and enhances the motivation for LP to provide liquidity.

Substance Exchange provides users with the best trading experience in the industry under a transparent and fair mechanism.​

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We've put together some helpful guides for you to get setup with our product quickly and easily.


Better Clearing Efficiency, More Pair Tracking.


Liquidity & Earn

Rewarding yields for long-term users.


Simple Options (Coming soon)

No complex financial knowledge required, Just one step to trade options.

⏱️Simple Options

Strategy Market (Coiming soon)

Copy trading products with an open-end fund model on a DEX.

🧩Strategy Market

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