1. What is Substance Exchange?

Substance Exchange is a leading derivative trading platform on Layer2.

2. What is the official website of Substance Exchange?

The official website of Substance Exchange is [Substance Exchange].

3. What is the token of Substance Exchange?

Th e token of Substance Exchange is $SEX.

4. What is the purpose of the $SEX token?

The $SEX token is mainly used for liquidity incentives and governance.

5. What is the total supply of Substance Exchange?

The total supply is 1 billion.

6. How can I join the Substance community?

You can join our Telegram group (https://t.me/Substance_X) and Discord server (https://discord.com/invite/substanceX).

7. What are the customer service email, complaint email, and VIP email?

Substance Exchange currently has only one external email. You can send your needs or feedback to contact@substancex.io.

8. How can I check my UID?

On the web platform, click on the "person" icon at the top right corner, select "Overview," and you can view your UID.

9. What are the supported login methods?

We support Web2 login and Web3 login methods like Metamask.

10. What are the earnings for LPs providing liquidity?

Trading rewards: LPs receive all the trading profits from the counterparty's losses.Staking rewards: If LPs are willing to lock their provided liquidity for a certain period, they will receive additional rewards based on the lockup duration. The reward mechanism is the same as staking $SEX tokens. For more details, please refer to the "Liquidity & Earn" section.

11. What are the earnings from staking $SEX?

Staking $SEX allows users to earn $SEX rewards for liquidity.

12. How often can users claim their staking rewards?

After the user's asset staking period expires, the $SEX token rewards generated from the staking will be released linearly over the next 365 days. Users can claim the released rewards in the "Lock&Earn - Unlocked" section.

13. How does the duration of the staking period affect user earnings?

The longer the staking duration, the higher the reward multiplier.

14. What is the token burning mechanism for $SEX?

70% of the trading fee revenue, income from SEX/ETH liquidity, and $SLP minting will be used for $SEX buybacks. All bought-back $SEX tokens will be burned, and the buyback and burn events will occur randomly.

15. What is the revenue split for fees?

30% of the trading fee revenue will be used to cover operational costs such as oracle fees and gas fees for order execution. The remaining 70% of the trading fee revenue and other income will be used for $SEX buybacks. All bought-back $SEX tokens will be burned, and the buyback and burn events will occur randomly.

16. How can users participate in platform governance?

Substance Exchange aspires to co-develop the community with its users. In the future, we will invite users who stake SEX tokens to participate in the governance of the platform.

17. How can I make fiat deposits through OTC?

You can make fiat deposits through Alchemy Pay, supporting methods such as Visa, Mastercard, Apple Pay, Google Pay, etc.

18. Is OTC withdrawal supported?

No, it is not supported.

19. Which currencies are supported in the liquidity pool?

The liquidity pool supports USDT, USDC, USDC.e, and DAI.

20. What is the maximum leverage for perpetual futures?

Most trading pairs on SubstanceX support a maximum opening leverage of 100x. You can refer to "Perpetual Specifications" for details on each trading pair.

21. What determines the price of perpetual futures?

The price is determined by oracle feeds and influenced by user trading.

22. Does it support market orders?

Yes, it supports market orders, and you can select the order type on the trading page.

23. What is the minimum trading volume for perpetual futures?

The current minimum trading volume for perpetual futures is $10 USDX.

24. What are the rules for referral commissions?

Referral commissions are divided into four levels:

Level 0: No requirements, the referrer is entitled to a 10% total commission rebate.

Level 1: Valid users β‰₯ 3, the referrer is entitled to a 20% total commission rebate.

Level 2: Valid users β‰₯ 10, the referrer is entitled to a 30% total commission rebate.

Level 3: Valid users β‰₯ 20, the referrer is entitled to a 40% total commission rebate.

25. How many people can a user share their referral code with?

There is no limit. You can share your referral code with as many people as possible.

26. Can the same user register multiple referral codes?

Certainly. One UID can generate up to 20 referral codes.

27. Will the user's referral commission be cleared if not withdrawn on time?

The user's referral commission belongs to their personal assets and can be claimed at any time.

28. Do the referral commissions have an expiration date?

Referral commissions have no expiration date. Users participating in the referral program will enjoy the rewards permanently. However, please note that the referral rank operates on an escalator mechanism with updates occurring every four natural weeks.

29. Why didn't I get upgraded after reaching the required number of valid trading users?

It may be because the required number of valid trading users has not been reached or it is not yet time for the referral commission ratio adjustment and upgrade.

30. What's ROI?

"ROI" calculates your real return on investment as follows:
ROI = (Total Closing Income - Total Opening Expenses) / Total Opening Expenses

 Total Closing Income: Position Collateral + PnL + Funding Fee(Positive) 
Total Opening Expenses: Opening Collateral + Opening Fees + Closing Fees + Borrowing Fee + Funding Fee(Negative)

31. Why was only a portion of my SLP sell request executed?

When the available liquidity in Liquidity Pool is less than the total sell amount of all users within the current Epoch, due to insufficient available liquidity, users' sell requests may only be partially executed. The system will execute your sell request based on the percentage that your sell amount represents out of the total sell amount. Unsuccessfully sold SLP will be refunded to you. You can claim this portion of SLP in the "Your Status - Returned" section.